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ITT Corporation and Pumps

ITT Corporation and their Pump Divisions have a very different beginning from the big conglomerate of pump manufacturers that it currently is today. ITT stands for International Telephone and Telegram. It was a start up business between two brothers to build a system of telephone lines that grew and grew to become one of the main companies in the world for fluid management equipement.

 ITT Corporation got to what they are now by no accident. Soon after their initiation, ITT Coporation became one of the top suppliers to the government for Telephone Switching equipment and Telecomunication Services. During the 60’s and 70′. ITT would buy companies at a rate of one per week. It ended with over 350 different companies such as Sheraton Hotles, Avis rent-a-car, etc. Such a large company was very difficult to operate, and divide it into 3 different companies depending on the industry sector that they served (ITT Corporation, ITT Hartford , and ITT Industries). One decade Later, ITT Corporation was acquired, Hartford canged its name, and ITT industries went back to the ITT corporation name. 

Today, ITT  is one of the leaders worldwide in Fluid Management with brands as:
  • Advanced Water Treatment
  • A-C Pump
  • A-C Fire Pump
  • Bell & Gossett
  • C’treat
  • Engineered Valves
  • F. B. Leopold Company
  • Flowtronex
  • Flygt Pumps
  • Goulds Industrial (Goulds Pumps)
  • Goulds Water
  • Hoffman Specialty
  • Lowara
  • Marlow
  • McDonnell & Miller
  • ITT Oil & Gas Products/Services
  • Pure-Flo
  • Royce Technologies
  • Sanitaire
  • ITT Standard
  • Vogel
The Fluid Technology division accounted for more thatn $3.8 billions last year, 2008. It has major manufacturing facilities in over 16 countries (Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, England, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, South Korea, Sweden, Poland and the United States). With customers all over the world. Its sales network comprehends of Pump Distributors, Resalers, Dealers, and Representatives.

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